Where is TOGETHER '22 taking place?

TOGETHER ‘22 will be held at the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas, TX. Additional events will be held at Fair Park surrounding the stadium beginning June 20. 

How do I get tickets to TOGETHER '22?

Though the event is free, ticketing through Fair Park/Cotton Bowl Stadium is required for admission to TOGETHER ’22. Here are the steps:

Step One: 

  • Click “Find Tickets” 

  • Add the number of tickets you’d like

Step Two:

  • Click “Add to cart” 

  • Click “Checkout”

Step Three: 

  • Click “Create account”

  • Enter Personal Info and create password

Step Four:

  • Click “place your order” 

You’ll then receive your ticket via your phone or email, depending on what you selected!

Register for TOGETHER ’22 here

What time is TOGETHER '22?

TOGETHER ‘22 begins on Friday, June 24 with an evening session from 5:00-11:00PM. Additional sessions and activities will take place on Saturday, June 25, culminating in a commissioning session from 6:00-10:00PM. Other events will occur during the week of June 20. Visit the Events & Schedules page for the complete schedule.

Who can attend TOGETHER '22?

TOGETHER ‘22 is a large-scale evangelistic training event designed primarily to equip NextGen believers to share their faith in Jesus more effectively. However, anyone is welcome to attend.

What can I bring into Cotton Bowl Stadium?

Security protocols at Fair Park include walk-through metal detectors and a clear bag policy. Permitted bags allowed in Cotton Bowl® Stadium to include: Only bags and totes that are made of clear plastic and do not exceed 12” X 6” X 12”, or one-gallon clear resealable plastic storage bags, or small clutch bags or purses (which are not required to be clear) that do not exceed 4.5” X 6.5”.

All other bags and/or containers (including but not limited to cans, plastic bottles, thermoses, coolers, and/or hard-sided bags) are prohibited inside the stadium. Medical devices and diaper bags are permitted, though they will be subject to inspection upon entrance to Cotton Bowl® Stadium.

Additional Information about the clear bag policy

Towels are permitted in Cotton Bowl Stadium if you’d like to use them on the bleachers to make you more comfortable.

List of prohibited items

Do I need to wear a mask in the Cotton Bowl Stadium?

At this time, masking is recommended for anyone who is not fully vaccinated. More information on protocols to come as event nears.

Will there be food available at Cotton Bowl Stadium?

Concessions will be available for purchase throughout the event on Friday, June 24-Saturday, June 25.

May I bring a water bottle into the Cotton Bowl Stadium?

Guests will be allowed to bring in one (1) reusable (under 24 ounce in size) empty, personal water container (like a Yeti or thermos-type refillable, non-disposable container). DISPOSABLE/ONE-TIME USE PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INSIDE THE STADIUM. NO SODA, ALCOHOL, FLAVORED WATER OR SPORTS DRINKS ARE PERMITTED. Bottled water and soft drinks will be available for purchase. Parents with small children may also bring plastic bottles of formula or milk inside the stadium.